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EVMP  Introduces: The School of Mystics Podcast

July 20, 2020

In this colorful podcast you can share the experiences with the show's hosts and their guests:  EVERYDAY SPIRITUAL MYSTICS GET TOGETHER AND DISCUSS THEIR DAILY STUFF. * A spiritual mystic and guru’s daily experiences. ** A spiritual Musician and not-so-run-of-the-mill Pastor. *** A spiritual mathematician and endless “idea haver”. We discuss real life situations as mystical beings experiencing business, entertainment, friends, sports, politics, money, music and our views of it all; How we cope and deal with everyday chaos to create our individual experiences to be peaceful, joyful and blissed out. We talk solutions not the problem!!!  - The School of Mystics can be followed on Podbean (app for iOS and Android).  Show episodes are co-hosted by talented EVMP personalities, The Experience Bronner Blu and Dr. Dave Medicine Man. Submit the contact form to Inquire about the featured talent personalities or to become a guest on the show.

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Calling for Fresh Talent

July 24, 2020

Submit a contact form today. As people all over the world practice social distancing by staying at home and adhering to lock-down and shelter-in-place responses to the coronavirus pandemic, you have to wonder how they are entertaining themselves. The consequent increase in demand for content will in turn create opportunities for content providers, and those who capitalize on these opportunities are bound to come out ahead. ( 03/18/20)

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